Expo in Plourivo: A second life for your vinyl records

In Plourivo, the Mod’Kozh Kafé offers an original exhibition of objects sculpted from vinyl records.

Flavien Dedryver offers a summer exhibition for vinyl record lovers in his bar in Plourivo (Côtes-d’Armor), the Mod’Kozh Kafé are exposed the creations of Marion Sorel (La Fabrik en Musik): logos of musical artists (with their agreement), flowers, fairies, dragons, sun, Triskell, beaches, owls …

There’s something for everyone.

Destroyed and resurrected

Each model is a real vinyl record that has been destroyed and resurrected to become an original and aesthetic decorative object, durable in time. It is even possible to transform it into a clock on demand.

The cutting is done with a heated tip. The badge, in the center of the disc, is either left as is or painted with acrylic paint, also used to decorate some models. Part of the collection is on display until the end of October.

Flavien Dedryver, who renews with his cultural proposals, will welcome you with pleasure.

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