How to use Blender Safely and Easily

You might have a blender for use in the kitchen which has tremendous speed and its blade may spin from 10 to 200 miles per hour. This is a kitchen appliance that may easily turn your food items into a paste or puree which might not easily be possible with your hands. Once we use this tool we have to be careful because safety is important and hence ensure that you use it properly. Proper use of blender will not only reduce your chances of injuries but will also enhance the blender’s life. Here some tips are important to be noted down:

  • Prior to use your blender, read the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure that the AC outlet and the operating voltage are compatible and matching.
  • Please do not risk yourself while using the machine in order to take shortcuts to get work faster. Users sometimes do not take into account this basic point.
  • Before plugging up the blender, make sure that you have cut into pieces to the food items and not put the whole product or fruit in your blender. If you want to keep your machine save, then do so and save the motor of the blender from getting damaged.
  • Various blender recipes use some amount of liquid which aids in consistently blending the items and reaching a very fine and smooth consistency. It is better to add fewer ingredients to the blender at a time. Though the blender can perfectly work with 3- 4 ingredients however; stuffing more than 10 ingredients at a time can create a lot of problems.
  • Never use boiling liquid for blending in the blender. Moreover, avoid using your blender when it is overloaded or contained with only dry food items. The blades and motor of even the blenders would get damaged if you persist to use the blender in such a way.
  • Never immerse the blender in water and never get the plug and the power cord in any liquid.
  • Avoid using the blender if it has a damaged cord, is broken, or sparks while operating. Ensure that only qualified professionals replace and repair the machine and its parts.

For safety purposes, only use spare parts and accessories that have been specifically designed for your particular brand and model of the blender.

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